Sneak Previews are back, and we’ve got’em!!

Hey kids!!  Remember when “sneak previews” were a thing?  My childhood friend Mac Boyle would get excited about them- I think I remember him getting real jazzed about the preview for that movie “Batman Returns” (The one where the Penguin bit the guy’s nose off or something.)  Today, incidentally, Mac is doing great work at – always an inspiration.  My Dad didn’t buy into sneak previews, however.  He felt they were glorified trailers that Hollywood marketers somehow got chumps to pay for.  Because of this, I never got to accompany Mac to one of these gala happenings.

Anyway, I miss sneak previews, so here’s a sneak preview.

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Trying to give this post a clever title is just what you’d expect me to do…

portrait-of-the-artiste good-frame-01 good-frame-02 cropspecialwithroadkill deer-portrait-pik

Aha!  I know what you are expecting me to do.  Writing a clever little snippet based around the theme of the title, with artful redundancies to add a vulnerable feel, is just what you would expect!  Well let me say that I see through you all too well.  Just as I see through myself.

Sometimes the longing for rest, and the longing for death, can intertwine in disquieting ways.  The responsibility we have in this life, as sentient beings, to be compassionate and patient with one another, can grate on us.  We may feel regretful.  And perhaps we regret our level of criticism of others.  Controlling the ego can be difficult, and it’s made more so when those around us have no aptitude for the task whatsoever.  But, (to allow myself one preach,) I believe that this is when it is most vital for us to undertake the task- that is to say, that we ought to reign in our ego the very most, right when the egos of those around us are at their very worst.  Because otherwise, the problem spirals out of hand.

This is the difficulty I’m currently engaged in.  And, (to tie it rather weakly back to the title,) I think that when I succeed in this, I will be able to attack the task of life more fiercely than ever, and you won’t even have any idea what I’ll do next!  Also, lots of animations on the way.

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Weasel Necked scrapings from the H-Hole

the-fall-of-egypt eyes-for-ize betrayer-sketch consumable john-dryden nacht

There’s lots more on the way- including animations that are really well underway.  Make sure to click the “CC” button at the bottom-right to get subtitles on the vid, if they aren’t on already (or if you know fancy talk.)

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Every day, try to be a little less passionate.

exploding-futures king-of-explode grime-clown flesh-clown deep-clown techno-with-more-tape please-be-tranquil

I want to listen to techno.  I want to be a techno man.  I love techno.  I am Techno Man.

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Techno Man

Introducing…  Techno Man.

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Rat Race

rodentrock grotesquesketch-01 grotesquesketch-02 grotesquesketch-03 time-collage time-collage-close

There’s hemorrhoidal traces on the bayou.  But I’m strong.

edit- is refusing to embed in wordpress.  What’s the deal with that?  Hopefully when you read this it will be right up there and have fixed itself, otherwise go to the link for a rad track.

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Attention- Notice to the Internet- I’ve been doing stuff.

toned-and-grotesque spiegelsaal butt-colors-sketch road-coyote rodent-rocker eerie-nun

The Internet can sometimes get lax in assuming that I’ve slacked off, that I’ve perhaps bought a suit and joined in with the other yahoos at the office complex.  Rest assured.  I am still making stuff, and I’m still doing stuff.  I’ll be vigilant and alert you as soon as there are any changes.  We’ve lost too many makers already to the schemes and tactics of the yahoo crowd!

The older I get, the more I realize how irreplaceable creativity is.  When it’s there, you take it for granted, and say, “Oh, we have too much stuff in the world as it is- why create more!”  And then you wake up, and it’s gone.

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