Every day, try to be a little less passionate.

exploding-futures king-of-explode grime-clown flesh-clown deep-clown techno-with-more-tape please-be-tranquil

I want to listen to techno.  I want to be a techno man.  I love techno.  I am Techno Man.

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Techno Man

Introducing…  Techno Man.

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Rat Race

rodentrock grotesquesketch-01 grotesquesketch-02 grotesquesketch-03 time-collage time-collage-close

There’s hemorrhoidal traces on the bayou.  But I’m strong.

edit- https://soundcloud.com/harper-hair-2/clown-fest-2016 is refusing to embed in wordpress.  What’s the deal with that?  Hopefully when you read this it will be right up there and have fixed itself, otherwise go to the link for a rad track.

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Attention- Notice to the Internet- I’ve been doing stuff.

toned-and-grotesque spiegelsaal butt-colors-sketch road-coyote rodent-rocker eerie-nun

The Internet can sometimes get lax in assuming that I’ve slacked off, that I’ve perhaps bought a suit and joined in with the other yahoos at the office complex.  Rest assured.  I am still making stuff, and I’m still doing stuff.  I’ll be vigilant and alert you as soon as there are any changes.  We’ve lost too many makers already to the schemes and tactics of the yahoo crowd!

The older I get, the more I realize how irreplaceable creativity is.  When it’s there, you take it for granted, and say, “Oh, we have too much stuff in the world as it is- why create more!”  And then you wake up, and it’s gone.

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That’s just IDEAL.

conflicting-ideals aligned-idealsI think it’s IDEAL.  Don’t you?

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I hear you singing in the wires.

Expressosurrealist Aviator Commie Nightmare Bugging Grey Aviator He cries a lot sketch

It’s okay to cry all the time.  And it’s okay to feel lonely.

But what I know will destroy this life.  And that’s something else entirely.

I’m needing more and more small vacations these days.  It’s true what they say, about nobody being able to love or hate more passionately than a madman.  Trust me.

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Jock Itch


Jock Itch cover

Out now- all the jock jams in one convenient download, with choice of file types.  (Thanks a million times over to “the internet archive”- it’s so much more than a repository of every last Jerry Garcia fart ever caught on recording.)

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