It’s the coming of the Evil One…


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Nuff said.

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Dog Daze

Dogz 1 Dogz 2 Dogz 3 Dogz 4 Playing With Myself Keeper sketch Rat in a cage sketch

I dreamt that I was biting my chest.  The skin on my chest was thin and stretchy.  I was able to tear it fairly easily with my front teeth.  Under the skin was a layer of oily discharge.  As I watched the stuff suppurate from the little tears I made, I was mildly relieved.  I was fairly sure this would take care of the emotional problems I’d thought I was having.

The fight against resentment isn’t heroic or glamorous.  It’s the darkest and most pitiful little fight ever known.  But it’s the most necessary.

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Phasing into a Butt Dimension

IMG_0155 IMG_0165     IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0163

The atmosphere of New Orleans is just redolent with ectojism this season.

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A Brief Primer on the Process of Corruption as it Applies to Women

The process of feminine corruption is highly interesting.  Initially, the girl’s spirit is pure, white and radiant.  Eventually she will have male sexual partners.  These partners will ejaculate in, on and around her, and their ejaculate will leave a spiritual as well as a physical residue.  The spiritual ejaculate, in contrast to the palish gunk of the material plane, is dark, phantasmal, ominous and dismal, and creates an aura of spiritual squalor where it accumulates.  As more of this stuff, which we may term “ectojism”, adheres to the spirit of the woman, said spirit will become corrupt.  The woman will then become worse as a human being on an objective metaphysical level.  Unfortunately, there is no known method to avoid this.  The girl’s spirit was white, shining and free, and basked in the clean sunlight.  The woman’s is strangely darkened, and tends to fade into the background and the shadows, making her prone to forlorn reflection.  Is this a mental influence brought on by the ectojism, or simply a natural psychological reaction to its presence?  Does ectojism have a mind of its own?  Does it dream?

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“Sunday Funday”? Try Filthday MILFday.

It’s bugs and booty in this later part of 2015.  Get ready to bounce.

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I’ll be your Filthy Toxic Doofus for one dark evening

Cosmic Butt Duper Star CAM Reacher Mermind sketch Cowpoke-tastrophe Cowboiagenous Nebulous sketch

The unfathomable distances of cosmic space are nothing next to the distance between two human beings.  Look at relationships.  We see someone, and we want to possess them.  And we want them to be interested in us, and to notice the little things we do.  But at bottom, we know the things we do are worthless.  They’re quite like the countless other little things that countless little people have done before us, and will do after us.  And in the end, we’re all consigned to the same fate of disappearing from memory- a fate which is perfectly justified.  Secretly knowing this, how can we maintain interest in one another with any conviction?  And so, for our alternative, we choose baseless, meaningless, worthless anger at each other.  And realizing the foolishness of this, we become angry with ourselves.  But this shared spite does nothing to bridge the fathomless gulf.  What is it, I ask of you- I demand of you- what is it that can hold us together?  In my secret heart, even there I don’t know the answer.

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