New York City – it’s America’s meatpacking district

New York City is the Meat Packing District.  We’ve got prime cuts.  Sweat cooked beef.  Grimy shanks are popping off the bone.  Ass pants?  Yes.  There are ass pants.  You knew that.  On the verge of grey 3:00 shadows, we see good melty-makeup face cuts with eyes closed and the grease doing a nice glaze.  Good varieties.  We have imported.  We have you covered for the arm, the leg, the shank, the piss marinated shell shock buffet of great meat opportunities.  Take some meat off the bone and try it out.  Eat some.  We have eye, brain and good sample platters, what more can I say, we’ve got it, this stuff sells itself.  I guarantee it.

A popular pastime is the disappearing act.

Try it.  You might like it.  Vanish into thin air.  It’s all just tacky surrealism- because when our flanks of meat vanish for a moment, on their return, we find they’ve been digested into the forms of various chess pieces.  It’s a tenses game we play with these fleshy pawns, but on my authority as a consumer, I insist on seeing it through.  I’ll make sure, by hook or crook, to get what I want.  At the least, I’ll trap us here, until the game is properly finished.  And at the most – I’ll thrill you.

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Don’t tell anybody about the Secret Gossip Police

There are many people, and many achey souls.

When souls ache, they let out a mewl.  We are mewling.  And mewling goes perfect with gossip.

People believe that gossip is unimportant.  Gossip affects everything.

What is the meaning behind gossip?

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The Techno Trax can now be easily downloaded.

There is just over 60 minutes of techno trax.  Enjoy, will you?

As I said on soundcloud, “The objective is back-to-basics techno trax. The project was a success -3/23/2017. Techno trax do not end. Thank you to all techno people, at all places and times- it is a universal empire of love.”

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For the Honour of Love

And yes, it is true- I do know what boys like.  But I’m not telling.  It will forever remain a mystery to the likes of you (just like you probably don’t even know how to draw a good Buzz.)

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Prancing Cavalcade of Remorse

It’s a windy night in New Orleans.  From the depths of the blustering darkness, some cool celebrity pics emerge.

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I’m skilled at illustrating Buzz Lightyear.

tore-johanssonwheel-of-fortuneshameillustration-of-buzz-lightyear fag-daddy-photo

Yeah,,,  ..You Know,,,  ..,THAT Buzz Lightyear.  (PS I wasn’t the one who wrote the graffiti, I’m just documenting it- you might call me a GRAFFITI STALKER I suppose.)

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Important Tax Documentation is Enclosed

from-a-still-of-carnival-of-souls from-a-still-of-diary-of-a-madman gallery-of-creeps visitors mardipardi

…Okay, so I lied.  I don’t have any important tax documentation for you, but what I do have is some ART.  And who doesn’t want more of that?  Art is always good- especially when it’s Harpart.

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