Important Tax Documentation is Enclosed

from-a-still-of-carnival-of-souls from-a-still-of-diary-of-a-madman gallery-of-creeps visitors mardipardi

…Okay, so I lied.  I don’t have any important tax documentation for you, but what I do have is some ART.  And who doesn’t want more of that?  Art is always good- especially when it’s Harpart.

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I’ve Seen Boogie Nights

rooftop redeemer in-galveston caution-drop-off pianist hot-youth boogie-nights shame-on-the-night

American dream.  In the darkness of the night, someone was misplaced.

These nights are always the best in town.

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Introducing – Clayton Skidmore’s “Cheap Inheritance”

The music Clayton used is the song “Vector” from my album “Brade” – for listen and download.  One thing that I’d stress is that this is something of a preview- Clayton describes it as a “work in progress.”  That means that we can almost certainly expect, at some point in the future, to see something even better than this.  I’ll keep all H-fans appraised of any major developments, but this is certainly a big event in the H-World and all surrounding cosmos.

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Hold on real quick.

screenshot-www-google-com-2017-01-01-21-10-18 screenshot-www-google-com-2017-01-01-21-10-55

Okay, I know this is literally the 2nd post I’ve made today, but I’m done now.

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2017 – I’ve seen enough already.

hot-manling creep01-sketch scene-witch-sketch catalina-caper-photo

Well, I’m not impressed.  Not by the year, not by the people, not by the weather.  2017, take a hike.  You can jump right back up the butthole you came from.  Thankfully, I’m still keeping a positive attitude, so this should be a pretty good year for me- but the world-at-large?  WATCH OUT.  This is shaping up to be “one for the books.”

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This Holiday Season, it’s “Word to yo Father” (as in heavenly father or something)

sun-and-moon sun moon shattered-ferret dark-darkness little-house-i-used-to-live-in striding-into-tomorrow fbi-headquarters-photo free-rave-party-photo wise-men-photo

Free rave party is not crime.  But wise men seek Jesus.

A man, great or otherwise, once said, “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.”  Actually that wasn’t a man that said that.  It was Satan.  But the J-Meister reigns in his Heavenly Kingdom.  So, you know.  Whatevs.

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