Attention- Notice to the Internet- I’ve been doing stuff.

toned-and-grotesque spiegelsaal butt-colors-sketch road-coyote rodent-rocker eerie-nun

The Internet can sometimes get lax in assuming that I’ve slacked off, that I’ve perhaps bought a suit and joined in with the other yahoos at the office complex.  Rest assured.  I am still making stuff, and I’m still doing stuff.  I’ll be vigilant and alert you as soon as there are any changes.  We’ve lost too many makers already to the schemes and tactics of the yahoo crowd!

The older I get, the more I realize how irreplaceable creativity is.  When it’s there, you take it for granted, and say, “Oh, we have too much stuff in the world as it is- why create more!”  And then you wake up, and it’s gone.

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That’s just IDEAL.

conflicting-ideals aligned-idealsI think it’s IDEAL.  Don’t you?

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I hear you singing in the wires.

Expressosurrealist Aviator Commie Nightmare Bugging Grey Aviator He cries a lot sketch

It’s okay to cry all the time.  And it’s okay to feel lonely.

But what I know will destroy this life.  And that’s something else entirely.

I’m needing more and more small vacations these days.  It’s true what they say, about nobody being able to love or hate more passionately than a madman.  Trust me.

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Jock Itch

Jock Itch cover

Out now- all the jock jams in one convenient download, with choice of file types.  (Thanks a million times over to “the internet archive”- it’s so much more than a repository of every last Jerry Garcia fart ever caught on recording.)

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Body. Guard.

Flesh02 Flesh03 Flesheyes nothingthere

Rock on like a ding dong.

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Thy Flesh Consumed??

Flesh01 Blue Gulch Winged Victory Burn the Straw Man Good Reptoid Tits GRRDWW BLDWDD Leona

Okay, so “Good Reptoid Tits” is an older one, and now I see that the reason I probably didn’t upload it before was concern over getting flagged for age-inappropriate content.  So before you false-flag- I’m going to have to plead ARTISTIC NUDE.  “Good Reptoid Tits” is 100% artistic and that’s why I show female nipple.  So there.

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Okay really quick word about a Cosmic Consciousness Possibility


I’ve mentioned this before, a few years back.  However, I’ve fleshed out my idea a bit more thoroughly.  Humor me a moment, if you will, for this idle speculation.

Often we hear that “death is the end”, that there can be nothing beyond it.  I think this view is inarguable in the respects it’s intended to address, which are not insignificant.  Frequently, such statements are directed against the most populist religious sentiments.  In these systems of organized and exploited folk spirituality, there will usually be some sort of afterlife which allows consciousness to continue in a manner not too alien to that which we experience on Earth.  The primary problem with reincarnation is simply lack of compelling proof, but it’s different in this regard- consciousness continues, but it isn’t transported intact to some ethereal realm.  In all cases there’s a lack of proof, of course.  But in all cases also, there’s a more essential defect.  There’s a lack of the perception that all of our consciousness is built around transience.  The transience of our physical body is, in actuality, a cornerstone of our mental existence.  Without this aspect, if there could be something we could term a “consciousness”- an interesting question in its own right- it would nonetheless be so inconceivably different from our own that we could hardly consider it a “continuation” of the life of this consciousness.  On an integral level, the end of the body is assuredly the end of this consciousness.  And the truth is that it’s this consciousness which we want to continue so much, which we’re so horrified of losing forever- to be actually comforted, we require a paradox.

What we begin to realize, as we explore notions of a consciousness beyond transience, is that it’s no insult to the subject matter to say that we can only speculate.  Because our own consciousness is so tied to transient realities, to the limits of our world, that to leave such limits invites grievous harm upon us.  To fully comprehend a consciousness beyond transience, if either such a comprehension or such a consciousness is allowed as a possibility, is probably to risk permanent brain damage.  Therefore it may be just as well that most such speculations border on fantasy.

In this spirit, I would speculate a possible universal consciousness.  Imagine the universe continues to expand, and molecules drift farther and farther apart.  Finally, after time-beyond-time, a floating molecule improbably bumps up against another molecule.  This creates a weird reaction with the space around the two molecules, and distances suddenly contract.  (Here, you have to forgive my lack of scientific finesse- any scientific lingo would just be pseudoscience anyway.)  All molecules of our universe are brought together in across-the-board full interaction with one another.  This means that all components that were ever part of a consciousness are now conscious again.  One universal being, which is in fact the Universe, now remembers all consciousness ever, with perfect crystal clarity.  Therefore, memories interact with one another, something that was probably never possible before.  The ensuing genesis of the next universe prevents this ultra-consciousness from continuing, but the impact of the event is powerful enough to leave a residual effect on the molecules that’s beyond our understanding, bringing about many of the notions of a “Creator God” entities have once they attain a high enough level of consciousness.  This in no way contradicts the ideas posited by many atheists, such as myths of God being a way to put the face of a paternal figure upon the frightening unknown.  This is literally true, and a daily and pertinent reality of religious belief, whereas the notions of the universal consciousness held by the religious, while in the best cases at least somewhat connected to the reality of the universal genesis, are vague and spotty in even the best circumstances.

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