Don’t step on my cheese, bro.

It's Them Marker Fumes Spectral Ghost Tension stepped on cheese

Some will say that I’m mad.  I say the evidence speaks for itself.  The marks show clear evidence of contact with the bottom of a shoe.  They didn’t just get there magically.  But this would necessitate taking the cheese out of the fridge, out of the glass container it was stored in, and out of its wrapper, and then stomping on it- then putting it back in the wrapper, back in the container and back in the fridge like it was before.

Who would do this?  Why would anyone do this?  Do they think I hate them now?  Are they like, “Man, I bet that Harper guy is so cheesed.  I bet he’s pissed!  I really socked it to him that time.”  And even if they do think this, in their heart of hearts, do they really believe it?

It’s questions like these that make me even recollect the fact that somebody seems to have stomped my cheese for more than a second.  If not for the psychological interest of the mind behind such a stomper, I’d be almost totally indifferent to the matter.  I’m really not the kind of enemy you want to have, simply because there’s no point.  But this isn’t why I bring it up here.  The concern is that something larger may be afoot in Milneburg Hall.  Other things have been misplaced.  Good friends have “lost track of” their drill sets- charger included.  In the words of a great Man of Letters, “If I had lent it to someone, why would I have given them the charger?”  I smell something afoot, and I assure you it’s rotten…

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This one’s for the H-fans.


Just a little album of what are by now, admittedly, pretty old-fashioned H-compositions, for lovers of the sounds.

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It’s looking pretty revolutionary in here.

Visions of Ghosts No One Exists Big Butt Hero sketch Merry little pranks sketch Marinetti sketch

Yep, that’s me.  Revolutionary.  I’ve actually been called by many “An Angel with the eyes of a Devil”, but that’s not entirely correct.  The truth is that I’m from another planet, where we also have the problem of suffering (though not as bad as here.)  I’ve decided that I don’t like Earth that much, and am looking forward to going home.  I don’t really like your food.  In the meantime, though, I plan on making some revolutionary artworks, so I hope you can recognize this obvious talent.

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Tacky in T Town

Reliefman sketch ttown1 ttown2 ttown3 ttown4 ttown5

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This Winter, think TULSA COOL.

Hells Bells Lovecraft Punk Euro hat sketch Powerful superhero sketch Ghost tree sketch Thought nazi sketch toughguyphoto phonesuggestphoto thoughtcrimesphoto

In the land of dreams, I’m not too scary to be around.  Why would anybody wonder why I’m into dream landscapes.  Hot, bold and brassy- stereotypical heteronormative wizard, for irony.  When asexual wizard artists get together, it’s the grandest party of all.  Ice is niiiiiice.  I roll into photos like I roll into some ACDC tracks.

Why is “smackeroonies” an old slang term for money?  Ever thought of that one??

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Bugg Out

A Yankus-filled romp featuring the voice of David Colannino as Yankus.

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It’s the coming of the Evil One…


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