Yard Oxx Dooluxe

The good news is that I’ll have new docs up before long.  The bad news is that everybody dies at some point.  Ooooo, arty.

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Tinkle Town Repellion!!

H. D. Hair sizzles up the screen once again with a seedy tale of a city you may find all too familiar!  What happens next?  Stay tuned, H-headz…

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Attack of the Cities

We’re being killed by Vampires.

Those Vampires are called “Our Cities”.

We created them.  Now, watch the creature turn on its maker!  “Like father, like son”- think about it, won’t you?  A diabolical fiend created by blind fools.  Oh, the humanity.

Diabolical metropolitan freak towns turn their denizens into brainless carcasses!  Thrill as the modern monstrosities turn their best citizens against one another.  They were happy as long as the food came hot and ready.  “You made me?  Look at me…  I don’t want to live like this.  Hhhhhss…  Fuck you, Daddy.  You die.”

Your City.  Coming to a sleepless pillow near you!  “It’s got a real HOLD on you!!”

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New Orleans – Poopie or Not?

Old Man Blastoff The Dope Album Mind Pile Music Forum Gods Playing Dice The Horrible Old Man sketch DSC01065

Well, when tilted, the word “monkey” definitely means “god”.  But what, I ask, about lizard?  …When tilted, “God” means lizard.

Oh, delightful impulse!  For night lurkers, the delectable objective becomes a horrid mandate – crush yourself on the wheel of eternity.  Delicious fancy, to beat Chaos at her own fuzzy game!

It never works.

Beware our dreams.  A dream is like a little god, according to its nature.  And dreams know chaos as does no manling.  The man of dreams knows obscure things.  How deep?  How deep?  How deep?

Tomorrow is too fearsome.  I must warn you that tomorrow, things of today will no longer exist.  But beware, eternity.  Beware of small, clever dreams.  For some among them have found ways to exist tomorrow- as today, and as yesterday- without your dubious aid!

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Korridors of Khaos

Sizzlimation takes on new dimensions in this trip to disorientation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Sizzlimating Post Saint Patty’s Day To Ye

The scandal intensifies…

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Harper Hair’s Sizzlimation (c) (R) #1 – Tinkle Party

Original animations based on true life experiences so scandalous, so SIZZLING, that I don’t dare tell them yet.

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