Putin it all out there

Putin it all out there.  Putin it all on the line.  Putin my weenie on the chopping block, my nuts in the nuts-punishment-device. Putin best face forward.

Putin it in there.  But what is the meaning of it?  What does it all mean?

Is this any way to run a planet?

Sometimes I’m the unparalleled master of the common sentiment.

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The Spitting Image

Purdy as a picture.  But tell me- is it purdy-nant?

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Probably the best Putin image you’ll ever see.

Some people are really gonna have egg on their face when they see how superior this Putin image is.  You see people who are bitter about art on a daily basis, right?  Make no mistake- they’re bitter because they’re resentful of how difficult it is to make a really high quality in-demand image, like a Putin one.  These haters were foolishly betting that they, and not I, would be the ones to make the best Putin image.

Well, where are you now, haters?  I know where I am – riding bikes in NOLA with the cool kids, making top Putin images, getting into the Surreal Salon, and a host of other notable achievements (that cement my place in art history) while others can only gawk.  It’s not good fortune.  It’s Putin Sense.

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Easter Duckie

Well I’m working away at my painting.  It might go up soon, if Tony thinks it’s even acceptable.

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Absolute Greatest Hits


Let your friends and family in on this magnificent jewel by Harper Hair, a life-celebrating album with the power to make us laugh about love all over again.

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Drip Dry Eyes

It can be difficult to admit when you’re wrong.  For me, the hardest thing has been admitting I’m right.

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May your deeds redound upon you!

We must all be judged by our deeds.  As the saying goes, “You’ve made your bed- now sit on it!”

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