New Orleans – Poopie or Not?

Old Man Blastoff The Dope Album Mind Pile Music Forum Gods Playing Dice The Horrible Old Man sketch DSC01065

Well, when tilted, the word “monkey” definitely means “god”.  But what, I ask, about lizard?  …When tilted, “God” means lizard.

Oh, delightful impulse!  For night lurkers, the delectable objective becomes a horrid mandate – crush yourself on the wheel of eternity.  Delicious fancy, to beat Chaos at her own fuzzy game!

It never works.

Beware our dreams.  A dream is like a little god, according to its nature.  And dreams know chaos as does no manling.  The man of dreams knows obscure things.  How deep?  How deep?  How deep?

Tomorrow is too fearsome.  I must warn you that tomorrow, things of today will no longer exist.  But beware, eternity.  Beware of small, clever dreams.  For some among them have found ways to exist tomorrow- as today, and as yesterday- without your dubious aid!

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Korridors of Khaos

Sizzlimation takes on new dimensions in this trip to disorientation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Sizzlimating Post Saint Patty’s Day To Ye

The scandal intensifies…

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Harper Hair’s Sizzlimation (c) (R) #1 – Tinkle Party

Original animations based on true life experiences so scandalous, so SIZZLING, that I don’t dare tell them yet.

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Sound of my Ghost House

Quick update of some ghost sounds with the 49-key midi and all the rest, check it out.


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Super Real And Actual Know I Gotta Go With Fully Realized Stroll of Tulsa

This one is for the fans.

Tulsa.  City of Rust.  City of Torpor.  When Neil Gaiman made his comics, why couldn’t Rust and Torpor be eternals?  Only because they didn’t begin with “D” in our specific language.  But I kid, they really are fun comic books.
Tulsa.  City of Arcadia.  But WARNING!  You must be warned that innocence is no longer available.  This is important to note.  You can recreate the conditions of youth, and pump your veins full of lab juice and young people blood.  In this manner you may become virtually immune to the aging process.  However, what you cannot become immune to is the experience process.  Observe those who are adults with the minds of children.  Why do they not possess a child’s innocence?  Simply because innocence is inherently tied to the inherently transitory nature of existence.  With this tragic understanding, the only real purpose of anti-aging techniques is to get a better blood flow to your junks.  And there’s certainly little purpose to go to Tulsa!  Ah, but at least we have Dreams.

Flip and Dip you a new one- I’m on outta here.

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Super Real And Actual Disco Duck With Super Real Stroll of Kansas City

Harper Hair brings you a gripping stroll.  Stalking reality from the cyber perch, just in time for Mardi Gras and in the dark night after Valentines Day, which I pretend means nothing to me- but actually means only the pathetic grimness that masks the ill in an armor of dork.  Just in time.  From New Orleans, at Mardi Gras, I give you… Kansas City.  The stroll we took a hundred times and more.  The people that lived near there.  Dave was near there.  That one chick that Clayton liked was near there.  The times.  The good coffees at Hi Hat, with the super sane and good baristas who refreshed one after the malodorous environment of Broadway Coffee.  We do not regret giving them the money, in spite of our cheapness.  They were doing the good work.
The asymmetrical layout of New Orleans, which bends and twists with the river, creates little dark corners from which the sneak-butt gangsters of our days can do their dirty little tricks in hiding.  In KC, the decay is more pure, more free of human beings- more right.  It’s a sanitized ruination for your home computer.  Get on line and stalk the places you can’t go, perhaps don’t want to.  Weep with remembrance- be a stupid ham.  Try it.  I’m certain I’ll never physically be there again- not in this universe time scale anyway?  What is sentience!  Go on digital strolls, and see if you can find the other secret streets.  Actually, it’s the tragedy of knowing that so many people don’t even know the fulfillment of simply walking in physical outside space, the secret hugeness of this human tragedy, that really gets you off.  Oh yeah.  Disco Duck.  Try your luck and don’t be a cluck.  Popular kid in school.  Wasted.

We’re called the flipper-trippers.  And we’re legendary.

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