Ladies and Gents, it is Yello Geek Sundai

Starring Erasmus from QFG doing the old soft shoe, with special guest appearances by Sanic, Egyptian Backflipping Urchin and Young Miley!  It’s a nice Sunday for a Yello Wedding (to a geek).

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Enter the Nonsense

The Ballad of Jazzy J-Hawk Little Wooden Fellow Maldoror sketch

No limit to nonsense.  No limit to perversity.

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Well true believers, here we have what may be the makings of a saga or may just be a curiosity – it simply depends on how good I can make the work!  The sordid event is the depiction of some hapless palooka into a goose- eventually our hero, Goose on the Loose- at the hands of Yankus, a diabolical wizard from the Spider Dimension.  Things are still being fleshed out, with however much flesh they may need- expect more along the way!

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It’s still 2015.

Yankus Doodle Darkly.  Yoink my dew in darkness.  Yinky yinky yinky.  Yuu.

You.  In tomb.  In rest, reach, bleach, caress, teach, teak, teal the color of that lizard.  Liz Oordh.

Liz or make me evil.  Evil in darkness: miss me?  Reminisce wee.  Wee receive signals in dark air ports.

Port dorkus.  Orkas?  Orcay.  Portrait of a dork on depressing narcotics.  Semi Iotic Id.

New superstar phrase.  Praise the dayze plaise.  Aiuiohuakaiiyee.

A.  A.  Aye.

Give me the grammy, Sammy.  I’m floating and I have zero genitals, Benitals.  Zeo ah heo.  Maye I win faere cartais.  For certez.  Dog lop an’am I a bisguit, for gravy, may he, and I will never go to your darkness, never.  The world is an amoral engine of evil, and I get away on a big goose.  Loose.  The goose is loose.  Seriously, where are my genitals.  Has anyone seen them?  No, then keep looking.  Kay Cee Goosepoops Fo’ever!  I’m ded.

For those about to die, I salute you.  Now get back down to the darkness.  It’s always waiting for us there.  Hear, there.  Every Where.  Staire.

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Get with the Imp

Music time.


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Big drawing going along good!

Big drawing preview

For a size reference I have a bottle of san pellegrino in the lower right.  It’s the biggest one yet!

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Just a small sampling of what I have for you, my Dear One.

Head Experience Cloak Being Cosmic Progression When Cities Attack Rooster HDHair Mix Partners in Clime Do Not Feed Dopes Kilt Ninja Catalonia Caper Doggy Dog print Zodiac Wizard print Rocket boyz sketch Gymnasy sketch Horrible Old Man large print Jazz time in town

When our parents had us, they were much younger.  At that time, the intoxicating victory of creation was side-by-side with a keen awareness of everything that went into and came out of our small bodies.  In memory, the best subsumes the mediocre to create one uniform golden glow.  One of life’s most impossible challenges is to accept that there will never be a time when parents are not concerned about every bodily function their offspring has.  To them, engaging in a J. Edgar Hoover-esque monitoring of these processes for any sign of impropriety feels like a wind blowing from bygone golden years.  And the only option open to us is to be patient with them, as they were with us.  There is no other course.

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