Tea With Yankus

Voice acting provided by the incomparable Dane Hansen.

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Pig Town Blues

I’m Yankus. I’m 37.  I want hugs.  I’m a recovering necromancer.  And I got out of necromancy.  And I thought I could go into the fine arts.  This is how crazy I am- I thought I could be a part of the arts, where absolutely everybody is a contrived pig.  And this was my recovery.  Because I would do the work I wanted to see in galleries, and everybody would be just so appreciative.  I’m this crazy guy going into galleries.  And all these art people are looking at me like, “Who is this?  Doesn’t he know that we’re all pretentious swine?  What does he want in here?”  They’re exactly right of course.
I was really sexist.  And then I thought I could make art, and I would fill the world with really positive visions.  Like that’s what any art people want.  Because when you’ve been that negative, and you’ve brought that much negative energy into the world for a long time, afterward you’re really sensitive to how much negative energy there is.  I noticed that, especially, after I realized that these ideas I’d been subscribing to were a dead end and I was hurting people.  I was hurting people for no reason.  And after I realized that, I just crashed.  You just get really depressed.  Because it’s like, “Well, I just wasted my life.  I won’t get those years back.”  And you want noone else to feel like you did.  You want that to end forever.
So I started drawing.  You make these little drawings, and you think, “Surely everyone will want to hop on board my positivity train when they see the joy in my art.”  You get that naive crazy-guy gleam in your eye.  And you sign up for art classes.  You meet some really cool pigs.
I’m Yankus.  Once a pig, always a pig.

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The Witching Spring is Upon Us

Dorcan Dorcan story detail NSEW Art Pig sketch Sm art print Art teacher modified Headlight eye photo Blind door photo Weird bamboo photo

“…I have studied the history of your Abigail Prinn.  She too, understood the super-science of which I speak.  She used it for evil purposes- the black art, as it is called.  I have read that she cursed Salem in the old days- and a witch’s curse can be a frightful thing.”                 -Henry Kuttner, The Salem Horror


I believe in our plurality.  We accept people from a wide variety of different races, cultures, religions and sects in our society, and I think that’s as it should be.  However, whatever your beliefs, one of the first things we learn as children is never to play with a gun.  Even if you feel certain that it isn’t loaded, know that there’s nothing in the chamber, the safety is on, etc.- simply don’t play with it.  It’s better to be on the safe side…

This spring, everyone is out and about in the lovely weather.  And particularly in the Marigny and Bywater areas, but all throughout the city of New Orleans, there are many “practitioners of the occult”- from here on out I’ll call them Witches for convenience (and because that’s what they are)- darting here and there on bicycles which serve much the same function as the broomsticks of old.  I don’t support the surveillance of any one group of people over another on principle.

However, a witch’s curse can be a frightful thing.  This is not something to throw about lightly.  Think carefully about all the possible outcomes before you enchant, even if it seems like a minor spell.  We have certain responsibilities as citizens of a Democracy, and we’re all in this together.  NOLA- let’s practice safe hex, this Spring 2016 and beyond.

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See if this assuages your need for Harpart

Visage Moral Twilight of the Universe Kurt Schwitters, great expressionist FART + AID Board Men Little sign

Okay, see if this is a good quandary- you have the option between two possible fates for humanity.  One choice is for us to continue existing as a species for only 300 more years, but that time will be a golden age of peace, prosperity, and enlightenment right until the last human breath.  The other option is for humanity to continue indefinitely.  However, the entire rest of human history will be an immoral chaos without reprieve, with dictators and charlatans running society and no regard for the well being of one another- conditions will be bad for everybody but the few greedy despots on top.  Which do you choose?  Think carefully.  (Also, it starts after you’re dead, so you can’t just say you choose choice #1 out of self-interest.)

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Art Teacher

art teacher

Art teacher.  Hay, I’d buy a t-shirt with this.

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Bonfire of the Brainities

slip001 slip002 slip003 slip004 slip005 slip006 slip007 slip008 slip009 slip010 slip012 slip013 slip014 slip015 slip016 slip017 slip018 slip019 slip020 slip021 slip022 slip023 slip024 slip025 slip026 Fart + Aid - We Are All Down With The Sickness

This is going to get serious.  Let’s calm ourselves down.  The game is just beginning…

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Night Errors

Calling All Fools Rrose Selavy 1 Rose Selavy 2 sculpture assortment Second Littlest Marinetti Littlest Marinetti Big Quote

As I was driving along the lake one night, a lone star in the subtropical sky suddenly revealed dark equatorial secrets to me.

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